Aprilia RS-GP Barracuda V1.0

Aprilia RS-GP Barracuda motorcycle mod for Fs22.

She is angry She’s fast. She is powerful. She is madness on two wheels.
It is the racing machine from the stable, MotoGP Aprilia Racing (Gresini Racing) – Aprilia RS-GP Stage II 2016.
Slip into the shoes of Stefan Bradl or Alvaro Bautista. Grab the steering stub of the Aprilia and let the asphalt glow.
This racing bike is the virtual mirror of the real original, created by an unknown artist and animated by Silak_68.

What else does the Aprilia RS-GP have to offer apart from raised hackles?
Original sponsors on the fairing with race number.
Optionally with helmet or without. (A short haircut is recommended with a helmet). Recommended but also without a helmet from the motorcycle and instead the helmet from the game.

1st sight, interior view:
Animation of dashboard lighting, digital rev counter, rev limiter display, digital speed display, fuel gauge, time display (ingame time), gear shift display, temperature display, all indicator lights come on when the engine is started, steering movement, driver’s head movement when accelerating and stopping, tilting to the side of the motorcycle in curves, the driver’s gaze remains horizontal, bumps in the road simulated,

3rd sight, exterior view:
Animation of pinion, chain, sprocket, wheels, spokes, tire lettering, front and rear suspension, steering, heat and exhaust gas outlet at the silencer of the exhaust system, incline of the motorcycle in curves, change of position of the driver in curves, bending and straightening of the driver when accelerating and stand still.
No pollution.

Speed: 340 km/h
HP: 184 kW / 250 HP
Maximum speed: 12000-16000 rpm
Tank capacity: 22 liters
Weight: 202kg

Conclusion of the tester:
Optics: almost real. Driving experience: sure of victory. Driving stability: sporty. Fun factor: stunning.
Engine sound: bubbling to roaring. The audience cheers.
A real MotoGP racing machine.
The laurel wreath is waiting for you. Good luck and have fun.

Authors: Modell: Unbekannten Textur: Unbekannten, Silak_68 Script: Ifko[nator] Idee / Konzept: Silak_68 Tester: Silak_68, Maulwurf63 
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