Ural 44202 Avtolestnica Truck V1.0 

Ural 44202 Avtolestnica Truck mod for Fs22.

Chassis and stairs are fully animated, absolutely everything works: light, tidy, gearbox, pedals, mirrors, bridges, universal joints, suspension, stairs (including the extension of the stairs), supports, etc.;

Completely dirty and worn out chassis;

The auto ladder has a built-in collision model that allows the character to move along it at any angle of elevation of the ladder itself and allows you to climb to different heights, and can also be used as a ladder for cutting down trees. The price is 45000.

U.P. There is not a single error in the log, because I release this mod immediately in the release version, there will be no further improvements for this mod, only a hotfix at most (if necessary).
UP2. I will not repaint it in fire coloring and add a flasher to the roof. I don’t want to cut trees on fire equipment, so whoever wants to repaint it, go ahead, the equipment is completely set up and registered.

Authors: Vyciokazz 
Ural 44202 Avtolestnica Truck V1.0  Download - modsbase.com

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