Scania Streamline Truck V1.0

Scania Streamline truck mod for Fs22.

Hello Virtual Farmers, Today I bring you a truck with several options for you to customize it to your liking!
It is a South American style truck, but we put some options to be similar to the style of other countries, we want to please everyone!

Optional Engine (hp): 530, 590, 660, 700, 730;
Optional Color;
Optional Decorative Lanterns
Optional Bumpers;
Optional Radio Antennas;
Optional Aerofoil and Deflector;
Optional Front Suspension;
Optional 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, 8×4 Chassis;
Optional Warning Lamps;
Optional Wheel Design;
Optional Wheels;
Optional Grid Color;
Features some fun animations.

Power: 530 HP.
Price: 130000 €.
Maximum Speed: 83 KM/H

Authors: Erik Isac, Agro Mods 
Scania Streamline Truck V1.0 Download -

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