Strautmann Aperion 3401 Trailer V1.0.0.1

Strautmann Aperion 3401 trailer mod for Fs22.

It already annoyed me in LS19 that Giants released the Aperion with rather little love.
the only thing that has been done is the change in the fill volume, it now goes up to the top edge of the loading walls

* default tire config.
* standard with or without dosing rollers

and no need to ask, I won’t add a color choice !
the only bonus this mod has is the adjusted fill volume, well and a 500 euro discount…..instead of 90500 only 90000.

Not giants original , villvolume customization

Authors: Giants Software, Larry 
Strautmann Aperion 3401 Trailer V1.0.0.1 Download -

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