Lowloader V1.0

Lowloader mod for FS22.

After 4 months of Giants testers bullshit and absolute unprofessional work i decided to give up on the Lowloader for ModHub.. i can’t resubmit a simple convert 6 times, because some stupid testers can’t do the job they got paid for…
Lowloader FS22
1. Description:
 Price: 45000 $
2. Configrations:
Trailer color
Design color
Wheels color
With or without ramps
Stock or custom lights (+ Beacon)
NOTE: In order to use the tensionBelts properly you will need first to open the cover. Otherwise the Belts will be floating in the air.

Authors: AgroTron Modding 
Lowloader V1.0 Download - modsbase.com

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