Kogel Trailer V1.1

Kogel Trailer mod for Fs22.

Kögel 16.5m Tarpaulin trailer with Pallet Autoload

Version 1.1 Changes:
Description corrected
Added missing textures on the back
Added agent node
Hydraulic connections brought to LS22 standard
Fixed license plate position
Sides no longer fold so deep that they go into the tires.
Optimized trigger ranges, as they still move when driving due to errors in the Giants Engine

The large loading area can hold a maximum of the following loads (Autoload version 1.6)

22 liquid tanks or big bag pallets
45 big bags
78 euros bales normal or oversize
6 round bales of cotton
30 180 round bales
48 150 round bales or 240 square bales
56 220 square bales
64 180 square bales
72 125 round bales

Model with kind approval by Edward`s Modding.
Tarpaulin from PBS Mods by PitBullCH.

Requires the mod “Pallet Autoload Specialization” by Achimobil

Authors: Modell: Edward`s Modding Textur: Edward`s Modding 
Kogel Trailer V1.1 Download - modsbase.com

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