Kogel Trailer V1.1.1

Kogel Trailer mod for Fs22.

Kögel 16,5m Tarpaulin trailer with Pallet Autoload

Version 1.1.1 Changes:
Optimized trigger ranges

The large loading area can hold a maximum of the following loads (Autoload version 1.6)
22 liquid tanks or big bag pallets
45 big bags
78 Euro bales normal or oversize
6 round bales of cotton
30 180 round bales
48 150 round bales or 240 square bales
56 220 square bales
64 180 square bales
72 125 round bales

Authors: Modell: Edward`s Modding Textur: Edward`s Modding 
Kogel Trailer V1.1.1 Download - modsbase.com

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