John Deere Wooden Thrower Rack V1.0

John Deere Wooden Thrower Rack mod for Fs22.

This is a wooden thrower rack built on a set of John Deere 1075 running gear. Made specifically for bale throwers, it will hold about 80 bales. The design is based on the homemade thrower racks that are more common on smaller and/or older farms. I wanted to make a viable option for people that wanted thrower racks but didn’t want to use a steel-built one. I hope this is the most realistic and detailed thrower rack you’ve ever used!

80 bale capacity
Free swinging chains
Adjustable tongue length
Wood type and color options for both the deck and the cage
Side unload
Old and new decal options for the running gear
Rear hitch for pulling in tandem
Warning triangle option

Authors: Rooster Mods, 46 Mods 
John Deere Wooden Thrower Rack V1.0 Download -

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