Goose Neck Pallet Trailer Autoload V1.1

Goose Neck Pallet Trailer Autoload mod for Fs22.

This is a gooseneck pallet trailer with autoload function and can be used with any vehicle with semi-trailer or 5th wheel attacher.

Version 1.1 Changes:
Collisions fixed.
Lights fixed.
Suspension fixed.
Center of Gravity adjusted.(Better balance).
Attacher height adjusted.
Reduction in weight.

Choice of tires.
Standard Giants color choices for body, chassis, and rims.
License plate choice.

Carries (max/item):
36 euro pallets
24 overload pallets
4 Liquid tanks
8 Big bag pallets
2 round cotton bales

How to use:
Select the correct pallet type to load with (Z)
Drive next to the pallets and then load them with (R)
Make sure you use the tension belts if your load goes higher than the sides.
You can choose the unloading side with (U) and unload with (I)

Authors: Digipea GiantsSoftware Achimobil 
Goose Neck Pallet Trailer Autoload V1.1 Download -

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