Fliegl ZPW 160PL Autoload V1.0

Fliegl ZPW 160PL Autoload trailer mod for Fs22.

Fliegl ZPW 160PL Converted Nicely made, auto load built in.
a few small details still installed such as autoload (yes no) and page markers (YES, no) Mod is 100% error-free
Grid has color choice but not 100 pieces but original colors matching the manufacturer.
You need this script: LS22 pallet autoloader specialization
Please use the latest version to rule out errors.

Authors: Kooper 3d Agrar Modding/KONV LS22 & Costum Lowtech 
Fliegl ZPW 160PL Autoload V1.0 Download - modsbase.com

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