Camara Flatbed Semitrailer V1.0

Camara Flatbed Semitrailer mod for Fs22.

Do you need to transport your straw bales over a long distance? Here you have the platform you need.

Thanks to the low-profile wheels you can increase the height and capacity of the load. Equipped with ramps to load from behind, taking advantage of the total width of the trailer.

Price: 35,000 €
Capacity: 41 bales 240 / 46 bales 220 / 55 bales 180

Configuration options:
– Different sizes of front grill
– Rear bumper designs
– Color configuration in base and rims
– Autoload

Note: the ramps only work in the manual load version, not in autoload.

Authors: caleruega modding design 
Camara Flatbed Semitrailer V1.0 Download -

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