Massey Ferguson 3000S Tractor V1.0.0.2

Massey Ferguson 3000S tractor mod for Fs22.

MF 3000s. some configurations have been made on it, to this will come a few update page on. work excellently.

Colorconfig body and rims
Beaconsystem (Beacons, beaconbar, ledbar)
Forestry system
Added MP Lift
Added dual wheels to all but not Nokian
Added 1 type broad wheel on mitas
Added chains (can find them under VREDESTEIN singel and dual)
Added few details (extralights, adstrip, steplight ect)
Added 1 new motor config, Turbo with 175Hp
Added warning sign config

Authors: Dremy, blauea 
Massey Ferguson 3000S Tractor V1.0.0.2 Download -

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