John Deere 9RT V1.0

John Deere 9RT tractor mod for Fs22.

When you need speed, efficiency and precision to navigate the toughest surfaces in your field, turn to 9RT. With two tracks, you’ll have 52% more ground contact than with wheels, plus the best straight traction you’ve ever experienced. The updated cabin is well equipped with comfort and details.

Price: €370500
517, 572, 628 and 700 HP options
Optional window shades
3 different signal lights
Monitor option
Treadmills with and without weights
Optional front weights
Rear hydraulics option
Animation of the flag bars
Has hood opening animation
It is also possible to attach Demco Sidequest 1000 and 1200 tanks to the sides of the tractor

Authors: Agro Tonho 
John Deere 9RT V1.0 Download -

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