Natural Water Rivers And Ponds Pack V1.0

Natural Water Rivers And Ponds pack mod for Fs22.

Do you want a wide river or a narrow stream or a beautiful pond on your map? Then go for it! The ‘Natural Water Rivers And Ponds Pack’ contains many elements to create a stream, a river, or a pond.
You can find them in the construction menu -> decoration -> uncategorized.

Included elements:
– River straight, 80×20 meters, price: 1.500 $
– River straight, 160×20 meters, price: 3.000 $
– River straight, 240×20 meters, price: 4.500 $

– River bend left, 30×30 meters, price: 900 $
– River bend right, 30×30 meters, price: 900 $
– River bend left, 70×50 meters, price: 2.200 $
– River bend right, 70×50 meters, price: 2.200 $

– River cross, 80×80 meters, price: 2.200 $

– River course down, 120×60 meters, price: 4.200 $
– River course up, 120×60 meters, price: 4.200 $

– Lake, 80×80 meters, 6.000 $
– Lake, 120×120 meters, 7.500 $
– Lake, 180×180 meters, 9.000 $

– Round pond, 15 meters, Price: 500 $
– Round pond, 30 meters, Price: 1.000 $
– Round pond, 50 meters, Price: 2.000 $

– Rectangular pond, 10×20 meter, Price: 500 $
– Rectangular pond, 25×50 meter, Price: 1.500 $
– Rectangular pond, 50×100 meter, Price: 4.000 $

Take water for free.

Please dig a suitable trench or pit in advance to place the elements in. It takes a bit of practice and patience.
Once placed, it is difficult to adjust the bank. However, the edges of the bank can be nicely hidden in the ground with a little practice.
If you don’t like the river, stream, or pond anymore, just click on the water area and sell it.
In winter, the ice surfaces are dangerous. So please be careful and don’t drive on the ice in winter!

– At best, place only one variant of the respective size on your map.
– If you use several identical elements, make sure to place all identical elements at the same height. Otherwise, different heights could lead to unwanted reflections in the water.
– Sometimes a small extra hole helps to find the right height.
– The water planes are below the land level. To position them better, guide them in advance over a solid object, then you will see the water plane better.
– The water flows in a fixed direction. If this is important to you, pay attention to it when laying.
– Try to avoid overlapping the water sheets. You will see the reason when it snows.
– The water planes included in this pack are not compatible with other water planes.

Authors: LMoonlight [MA] 
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