Vehicle Speed Sync V1.1

Vehicle Speed Sync mod for Fs22.

The Farming Innovations – Speed Sync Module allows the vehicle operator to synchronise their speed with the closest moving vehicle within a 25 meter / 82 foot radius.

While the vehicles speed is synchronised these intelligent modules help to simplify your field tasks such as the unloading of a harvester while in motion by adjusting the speed as required, even on large hills or when connected to performance reduced equipment.

If required the speed of the closest vehicle in range can be copied directly to the your cruise control and the system enabled without the need for cross vehicle communication.

Due to it’s small and universal design the module is easily relocated between each vehicles communication or OBD2 ports, allowing it to be ready for use as soon as the operator enters the vehicle.

Version: 1.1
– It is now possible to connect to a stationary vehicle provided it’s engine is operating, connections will still be disconnected when host vehicle comes to a complete stop.
– A settings file ‘vehicleSpeedSync.xml’ will be created in your save games directory during game load allowing individual users to disable modes they do not wish to use as well as disable input binding information.

– Added support for Guidance Steering by Wopster

Authors: GtX 
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