Small Pallet Storage V0.5

Small Pallet Storage mod for Fs22.

Small access area to underground storage for pallets and bales.

Everything that is correctly defined on pallets and bales in the standard game can be stored and retrieved here.
A total of 5 million can be stored. All production pallets, eggs, honey, lime and so on can be stored. Not everything that is on the pallet, but most of it.
In addition, there are bales of all types and sizes in version 0.4, including relocation.

For this mod applies:
The following applies to the included script:
The script for relocating pallets may be used freely, provided that the user is named.
No further permission required to use.

Note for modders who want to use the script:
In the warehouse with the script, only products can be stored that also have a correctly defined pallet, which is used for outsourcing.
Of course, when creating a warehouse with the script, the categories can also be used, then it also works with mod pallets that are correctly defined.

Version 0.5 Changes:
Retrieval of pallets now across and stacked

Authors: Modell: Giants Textur: Giants Script: Achimobil & braeven Idee / Konzept: Achimobil & braeven Tester: FEDAction Team 
Small Pallet Storage V0.5 Download -

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