Screenshot Mode V1.0

Screenshot mod for Fs22.

Enhance your screenshots by modifying the environment (time / weather / season), the game shader and easily controlling the camera with this mod!

Feature overview:
Move the camera freely
Rotate the camera
Change the FOV
Select the shader (Color Grading) via several presets
Select the season period
Select weather
Select time of day

The mod does not modify the environment (time / season) of your savegame (only the weather forecast is not restored but I did not find how to avoid this)
The mod is currently not compatible in multiplayer

This mod is inspired by the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Photo Mode and the controls are similar.

Open Screenshot Mode: Alt + j
Move: W-A-S-D (Qwerty, Qwertz) / Z-Q-S-D (Azerty)
Fly: Q-E (Qwerty, Qwertz) / A-E (Azerty)
Rotate: Z-C (Qwerty) / W-C (Azerty) / Y-C (Qwertz) / Left mouse click
+/- FOV: Mouse Wheel
Reset FOV: Mouse wheel click

Authors: Monsieur Bab 
Screenshot Mode V1.0 Download -

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