Real Dirt Color V1.0.0.2

Real Dirt Color mod for Fs22.

Real Dirt Color changes all vehicles/tools dirt color to the surrounding enviroment.
10 color variations including: Brown Dirt, Brown Mud, Red Dirt, Red Mud, Grass, Chaff, Manure, Slurry, Lime, and Snow.
Colors are blended back and forth using a variable speed.
2 modes available via xml settings file: “Simple mode” and “Independent wheel mode”.
Tweakable color change speed.
Included “ReadMe.txt” for modding options.
Completely revised for FS22.

Hotfixed crashes caused by language detection code.

Version Changes:
Fixed : Vehicles disabling real dirt color caused an error.

Authors: ViperGTS96 
Real Dirt Color V1.0.0.2 Download -

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