Palette Autoloader Specialization V1.5

Palette Autoloader Specialization mod for Fs22.

Base mod for using mods with Palette Autoloader specialization.

You can find an example of how to install the specialization in the Strautmann SEK 802 pallet autoloader version
Only standard Euro pallets, liquid tanks, big bag pallets and cotton round bales are currently possible, more are to follow.

Drive next to the pallets and then start loading with [R].
But make sure that you have selected the right palettes.
The pallets then lie on the loading area as if loaded by hand.
Fasten with belts before you drive on, otherwise it will slip away.
You can choose the unloading side and unload.

Version 1.5 Changes:
Added big bags
Improved translations
Automatically tighten the tension belts. Must be activated by the trailer modder (useTensionBelts=”true”)
Improved bale loading on the move
Support of Mod “Package Of Premium Pallets And Sacks”
Support of Mod “HoT Pommes Factory”
Added square bales 180/220/240

Authors: Achimobil 
Palette Autoloader Specialization V1.5 Download -

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