Courseplay V7.0.1.1

Courseplay mod for Fs22.

Push Release
Fixes fertilizing cultivators. #968
Convoy fixes for #783
Implement lowering fix for #1000 (maybe #1023)
Sprayers/spreaders turned off, while standing still. #949 #1019
Fixed cotton harvester not released at end of the course.
Fixes a few tools not lowering/raising at all. #405
Fixes folding of baleloader, once it is full.
Shows field area for custom and normal fields by selecting the field on the ai map.
Add custom fields interface for FieldCalculator by @kevink98
Created a seperate bale finder job (AI Menu)
Different hud and ingame menu improvements.
Removed the ai limit for cp jobs/helpers.
Fixes global settings synchronizing, when joining a MP game #1027
Fixes mp mouse bug #989
Fixes mp course renaming.

Authors: courseplay release creator 
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