Click To Switch V1.0.0.2

Click To Switch mod for Fs22.

Click to Switch – Just click on a vehicle to enter it!

Mouse cursor on/off alternative state is now saved (also for MP).
Added compatibility for AutoDrive.

Version Changes:
Improved mouse handling with Courseplay and AutoDrive.
Fixed bug to enable switching to a vehicle, while a helper is active.

Simply click on the target vehicle with the mouse and enter it, instead of cycling through each vehicle.

Switching the mouse cursor on/off:
Right mouse click

Entering a vehicle:
Left mouse click

Changes between using the mouse cursor on/off keybinding and the alternative keybinding:
Right ctrl + C

Alternative keybinding for turning the mouse on/off:
Left ctrl + C

Authors: Courseplay.devTeam 
Click To Switch V1.0.0.2 Download -

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