Camera Zoom Extension V2.0

Camera Zoom Extension mod for Fs22.

I wrote a small script that increases the camera zoom of all vehicles if it is greater than 0 and less than the new value of the script.
Can be configured in the modDesc of ‘’.
Should you enter a number with. If you write in, e.g. 23.5, it will be rounded down. So it’s no use. I have now set 80 and find that sufficient. If you want more, just increase the number in the modDesc.
I’ve already had a few vehicles where the maximum camera zoom was too low for me. Hence, this mod.

Exception: With an LUA.

Simply put the downloaded ZIP into the mod folder and activate it. The rest takes care of itself.

Version 2.0 Changes:
Compatibility with patch 1.4 and higher.
You can now zoom in on the interior.

Authors: Ifko[nator] 
Camera Zoom Extension V2.0 Download -

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