Scale House Pack V1.0

Scale House pack mod for Fs22.

This Scale House makes it so you can weigh any truck and trailer coming in and out of the yard, have 3 spots you can see the numbers at, two readout’s outside and one inside the main office part. Back of the building is a mini workshop, you can fix stuff, trigger goes outside the door a bit for working on larger equipment.

Hit R to turn on the inside Lights
New Snow mesh on the roof, light white dusting when lightly snowing.
Inside Areas added so when your vehicle goes inside the shed the sound changes and echoes like your inside a building (neat touch by Giants)
9 main Color choices, with an additional 26 color options in the F1 menu, the most choice on any placeable ever
Outside Lights that light up automatically at night
Fridge Door opens as well
Seasons Ready

Authors: TPF - Remodelled Parts, Normal Mapped Tin, Ingaming. Nxtgen Mapping - 3d tin used for Normal Mapping, Outdoor Lights Rand0msparks- for the scale model Tester's - Farm Sim Guy, Argsy Gaming, Fs Screenshots, Maple Creek Modding and Media, Forward Ag , and the Server Group. 
Scale House Pack V1.0 Download -

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