Pallet Pusher V1.0

Pallet Pusher mod for Fs22.

Tired of driving to pallet spawning places and pushing pallets with your tractor? Just place this pallet pusher and you will not need to have dedicated vehicles at spawning places to keep your productions running.

The pallet pusher will help you,
pushing pallets out of the spawning ploace of productions so you could keep them running easily.
pushing pallets nicely together so that you could pick up 2 pallets at a time with your pallet fork.

Shop category: decorations
Price: from 500$

This pack includes 6 different versions:
Length of 7m/ 12m/ 16m
Width of 1 or 2 pallets

Some hints:
As always with placeables: Save the game before placing!
Flatten the area before placing! The pusher does not flatten the area.
The Pallet Pusher does not test for collisions with other objects.
Before pushing the pallets stop the time! Otherwise new pallets might spawn while the pusher is driving.

Authors: no.naim 
Pallet Pusher V1.0 Download -

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