Liquid Storage V1.0

Liquid Storage mod for Fs22.

Do you need storage for your liquids, e.g. liquid manure or milk?
Then this liquid silo could be right for you.

The silo with large underground storage capacity comes with a silo extension, a purchase silo and a purchase station, each for all liquids from the base game.
But beware! You can’t refuel your tractors in any of the buildings!
So that diesel can be transported at all, I added a trailer for liquids with which you can transport not only diesel but all other liquids.

Suitable liquids for all objects: milk, water, diesel, DEF, liquid fertilizer, herbicide, liquid manure, digestate

Objects and prices:
Liquids silo: 5,000,000 liters, $5,000
Silo expansion: 5,000,000 liters, $2,000
Purchase silo: 30,000 liters, $1,000
Purchase station: $1,000
Tank trailer: 15,300 liters, $5,000

Authors: OmaTana 
Liquid Storage V1.0 Download -

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