Crooked Creek Hog Shed v1.0

Crooked Creek Hog Shed mod for Fs22.

Here is the release of the next series of CC buildings. There are two variations of these Hog Shed. A black trim and a white trim. The CC Hog Shed is located within the Animal Pigs Tab. This Hog Shed also features a cold storage.

– 14 Color selectable that will match any CC Building. Changes with N when purchased.
– 3D Tin siding and Roofing
– Snow Mask
– Hog Slat Grow-Disk Chain Feeding System
– Red Warming Lights/ Cold Storage/ Flood Lights at night Automatically
– Lights on switch inside door
– Bale Trigger inside the feed alley
– In Game 3D Parallax Concrete
– Working Fans powered by the electrical box.
– Trim Select powered by the electrical box.
– You may dump straw or blow it in the pens.
– 500 Hogs
– Automatic Water (This is due to change in the future)
– Straw: 90,000L/ Food: 170,000L/ Liquid Manure: 256,500L
– Solid Manure must be with the manure heaps in the silo extensions. Works with any in game or modded one.

Authors: Crooked Creek Modding 
Crooked Creek Hog Shed v1.0 Download -

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