Mars + The Mission V1.0

Mars + The Mission mod for Fs22.

Welcome to Mars,
The first colony is on its way to Mars, you as a farmer must provide food for their survival, the mars base is set in one of the huge craters on Mars.
You need to terraform the area and plant around 8000 trees to help oxygen supply, finances are short so work carefully.
The map has 15 fields, one sell point to export your goods to earth, and a whole lot of exciting stuff… like no other map 
Custom animal domes, awesome Martian scenery… Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a farm on Mars, well this is not close, but the closest FS22 will get heheheh…
We start of by descending into the Marsian atmosphere down to the surface, waiting there inside the Schiaparelli Crater is a pre-built base by Space-X, armed with a $100 000 to get things ready for the colonist, setup the farming side of things and have enough food ready to feed everybody and sustain life there on the red planet…
Furthermore your goal would be to plant as much fauna and flora as possible, to make Mars as close to Earth as you can… You now have the opportunity to sell goods back to earth, and the product you keep in your silos stay on the planet for the colony. So good luck and farm like crazy..
Or you can just play the game normally for fun !!! 

Goals to complete your Mission.
1. Plant between 8000 – 10000 new trees
2. Place at least 11 Beehives between the fields
3. Have a yearly supply of the following animals: A supply of animals means above and beyond your capacity (new animals been born)
a. Cows 60
b. Chickens 60
c. Sheep 80
d. Pigs 60
4. Meet the following quota’s for food.
a. Tomatoes 10000L
b. Lettuce 10000
c. Strawberries 10000
d. All cerials 50000
e. Olives and grapes 100000
f. Oil produced Canola, Sunflower and Olive 10000L each
g. Potatoes 150000
h. Corn 150000
i. Cotton 50000
j. Eggs 20000
k. Milk 30000
l. Grape juice 30000
m. Raisins 10000
5. Build a clothing factory to supply clothes to the colony

Authors: FarmerB0B Giants 
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