RCW 3 Manure Trailer V1.0

RCW 3 manure trailer mod for Fs22.

RCW 3 spreader for:
Road Salt.
Price: € 8,000.
Category: Fertilizer Spreaders.

Color Configurations:
Primary Color.
Paki color.
Rim Color.
Wom Guard Color.
Color of the Cymbal Guard.

RCW configurations:
Tires configuration.
Choice of Emblems.
Support Type Configuration.
Configuration of the PTO shaft guard.
Plate Guard configuration.
Tensioner guards configuration.
Center grille configuration.
Configuration of the license plate.

RCW has:
Animation of Unfolding on the X Key.
Roller animation.
Animation of the Effect from the Cymbals.
White Dust animations.
Animation of the embankment on the plate.
Standard FS22 Animation.
And many interesting elements.

I emphasize: RCW does not have any errors in the Log.

Authors: Model: Fumski Autor FS22: AgroPhoto 
RCW 3 Manure Trailer V1.0 Download - modsbase.com

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