PowerRoll 1230 HD Mulcher V1.0

PowerRoll 1230 HD Mulcher mod for Fs22.

PowerRoll 1230 HD as a mulcher with blade rollers, with faster lifting and lowering animation
We at AM Modding offer you a 12m mulcher here.
We are aware that the PowerRoll already exists as a mulcher.
But the original roles are now intended as field rollers.

So what did we do?
The mulcher rollers from the MaxiCut were removed as a basis via Blender (thanks to Flocke) and adapted to the PowerRoll and installed. So the PowerRoll is now in full glory as a mulcher!

Color choice
Increased repair interval
Faster lifting/lowering

Required engine power: 200 hp
Working speed: 15km/h

Authors: GIANTS AM Modding Ifko[nator] - Shop Category Blender Edit von Flocke 
PowerRoll 1230 HD Mulcher V1.0 Download - modsbase.com

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