Pottinger Mex 5 V1.0.0.1

Pottinger Mex 5 mod for Fs22.

From our series of choppers, we have the mounted chopper (three-point) from Pöttinger for those who still find the self-propelled machines too big.
Since the MEX 5 is also missing in the LS22 and this is exactly the right thing for small machines such as fields, we are making it available for you to download.

Required power: 110 KW/150PS
Weight: 2.2 tons
Working speed: 10 KMBase price: €38,000Configurations:
Various color options

Version Changes:
Multiplayer FIX

Authors: Gaints Software GmbH Publisher: Forbidden-Mods Modding: ASG Modding and Pomm Fritz 
Pottinger Mex 5 V1.0.0.1 Download - modsbase.com

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