Paus TSL 8.7 V1.0

Paus TSL 8.7 mod for Fs22.

Today I introduce you to the Paus TSL.
Creative Mesh and Wobster built this cool telescopic loader for the LS19.
I found it on the net and was very excited.
When I realized that the urmodders have not converted the thing at all, because actually only the moddesc no. and the mod name was changed to FS22, I was very disappointed!
But I realized very quickly that I want to have the, so I have the Paus TSL completely re-converted.

What was done?
Hydraulics and engine sounds brought to LS22 level
Tire Config Nokian: 1x, Trelleborg: 2x normal and wide, Continental: 2x normal and wide
Round lights config and 3 point config has stayed
4 color configs: rims, cab, primary and secondary
Handling has been adjusted
Removed unnecessary collisions, as they were always stuck to the ground (tire colli front)
It was installed an adapter for front loader, the PausTSL can therefore also use such dinge the Fliegl Ruby. (To see in the screenshots)
Last but not least, once again very dear greetings to Creative Mesh and Wobster.
Great vehicle! I hope my conversion does justice to the LS19 model!

Authors: Modell: Creative Mesh und Wobster Textur: Creative Mesh und Wobster Script: Creative Mesh / Wobster /Ap0lLo Idee / Konzept: Creative Mesh und Wobster Tester: Creative Mesh / Wobster /Ap0lLo Sonstige: Convert to LS22- Ap0lLo 
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