Kverneland Optima Rs 9M V1.0

Kverneland Optima Rs 9M mod for Fs22.

This is the precision planter from the main game, with higher working speed, no-till and different seed and fertilizer capacities.
It can also be used to sow poplars and sugar cane.
I got this sowing machine for myself from the main game so that my Horsch Pronto isn’t so alone.
And because I just couldn’t find a 9m precision seed drill.
Then I thought to myself, what I need, maybe others need it too.^^
This is the Planter from the Maingame, with higher Workspeed, direct planting and other Capacity of Seeds, Fertilizer and it also seed Poplar and Sugarcane.
Log is without warnings or errors!!

working width: 9 m
Speed limit: 20km/h
capacity: 3000 l
direct planting: true

Authors: Giants, HB Modding – Dominic47 
Kverneland Optima Rs 9M V1.0 Download - modsbase.com

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