Kinze 3600 16 and 16/31 Row Planters V1.0

Kinze 3600 16 and 16/31 Row Planters mod for Fs22.

The Kinze 3600 is a platform of pivot folding planters, this one specifically is a 16 row, with an option for 15 “pusher” units, making it a 16/31 row. The Kinze 3600 is a heavy planter, designed to compete directly with the John Deere 1770/1775 planters, and the Case IH Early Riser planters, the heavier bar allows for the addition of pusher units, which are not available on Kinze’s front fold planter, the Kinze 3200. The added weight also gives the Kinze 3600 an advantage in no till conditions. Having a heavier planter isn’t always advantageous, a larger tractor is needed to pull these planters is one major drawback, even if your tractor has the power to pull it, it may not have the weight required to maintain traction.

In the game the Kinze 3600 16 row features options for different row unit boxes, as well as switch to centre fill, and options for liquid fertilizer tanks. There is also an option for row cleaners, but these are just a visual option. The Kinze 3600 in game also makes use of the planter ground texture, which is new for Farming Simulator 22.

Authors: FS19: SFI Modding/Western Iowa Modding and Edits FS22: Diniz Farms 
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