Grease Addon V1.3

Grease Addon mod for Fs22.

This package add the management of the lubricating grease, you just need to enable the mod by adding the required information and follow the text added inside the comments in the xml files present in the “howToEditMods” folder.
The lubricating grease helps to keep the performance of the mechanical parts high. If you check that you are constantly using the lubricating grease, the wear will be less and the life of the mod will be greater otherwise the wear and the life of the mod will get worse faster.

Consumption quantity for each lubrication point (default is one gram)
Seconds of interval for lubrication when the trailer is used (default is 30 seconds)
Identification for a tool of a trailer (default is false)
Grease lubrication points for basic use of the trailer
Grease lubrication points for trailer unloading
Grease lubrication points for the working mode of the trailer
Grease lubrication points for trailer spreading
Optional and changeable hydraulic wear sound when use the mod and grease is missing

This package includes:
Added the lubricating grease for trailers, manure barrels, manure spreaders and sprayers
Added a new HUD that show the lubricating grease fill level
Added the SKF Lincoln with lubricating grease animated when work and animated fill level
Added a new pallet with the barrels of lubricating grease for refilling your mods
Added the trailer Fliegl ASW 271 of the game edited for working with lubricating grease
Added a new store packs: “Lubricating Grease” here you can find all mods that working with lubricating grease
The lubricating grease used is calculated based on the settings and when the mod is used
The factor amount of the life and wear of the mod is changed when is using or not the lubricating grease

Pallet with barrels of lubricating grease:
One barrel contains 180 kg of lubricating grease and the price is 1.500 €
Two barrels contains 360 kg of lubricating grease and the price is 3.000 €

You can refill the mod with lubricating grease, only when the mod has used more than 50% of the lubricating grease
Always check that you have lubricating grease in the tank of the machine before using it
The use of the lubricating grease is interrupted when the option for the “Helper Refill – Fuel” has been activated with “Buy” and therefore the need to refill is also disabled

Remember: to make for the use of the lubricating grease to work for your mod, you must follow the comments inside the example mods present in the “howToEditMods” folder. For the last, add this text in your modDesc file

Version 1.3 Changes:
Updated the default mods with update 1.3
Increased compatibility the mod

Authors: DD ModPassion 
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