Conveyor Belt SL80 22 Quantum Autoload V2.0

Conveyor Belt SL80*22 Quantum Autoload mod for Fs22.

Here I have a conversion of the original in-game Grimme SL80-22 Quantum conveyor.
autoload added, conveyor belt can now be used alone
range increased to 55×40 meters
speed increased to 30 Km/h
repair interval extended
Color choice for the chassis and rims.
I know that all this is not realistic, but that was never my claim. I wanted to have the conveyor for me so, and make him available to all who also want such a conveyor want to have. No one has to use the mod, but everyone who wants may.

Authors: Rolf69B 
Conveyor Belt SL80 22 Quantum Autoload V2.0 Download -

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