Amazone Pantera 4502 V1.0.1

Amazone Pantera 4502 sprayer mod for Fs22.

Here we have the Amazone Pantera for you!
It is the conversion of the LS19 Giants Mods.
The Pantera was adapted to the LS22, the lighting works, the rear trailer hitch also works including the PTO shaft (only if this is on top of the trailer!) and connecting hoses.
The Pantera has been supplemented with sounds when it is opened, selectable steering (front, rear, all-wheel drive) and a variable working width.
License plates including license plate lights (rear), as well as a rotating beacon configuration and color choice have also been added.
In addition, the position of the left arm has been corrected so that it does not hang down.
And now have fun with the Pantera.

Working speed increased.
Capacity as configuration (Standard 4500L, Extended 5500L)
(Due to the filling quantity and speed, the Pantera settles between the two original self-propelled sprayers)
Filling option added, can now be filled at buying stations.
Sound adjusted
Added connectors for connection hoses.
Outdoor camera set in XML. (Convenience for myself as a modder)
Added glow for page
Added rear work light
Added perimeter lighting (configuration!)
Added vehicle back to self-propelled sprayer category

Authors: Modell: GIANTS Textur: GIANTS Script: Shop Category Ifko[nator] Idee / Konzept: AM Modding Tester: AM Modding 
Amazone Pantera 4502 V1.0.1 Download -

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