Amazone Citan 15001C V1.0.1

Amazone Citan 15001C mod for Fs22.

Amazone Citan 1500_C with multifruit of current map fruits and capacity choice in 3 variants

Crops: currently 25 different
Wheat, barley, oats, canola, sorghum millet, sunflower, soybeans, corn, potatoes sugar beets, cotton, sugar cane, poplar, oil radish, grass, rye, spelt, triticale, millet, alfalfa, carrots, onions, hops, lavender and cabbage
wheat, barley, oat, canola, sorghum, sunflower, soybean, maize, potato, sugarbeet, cotton, sugarcane, poplar, oilseedRadish, grass, rye, spelt, triticale, millet, alfalfa, carrot, onion, hops, lavender and cabbage
Variant I : fertilizer 1600l, seed 5480l
Variant II : fertilizer 3200l, seed 10960l, extra cost 15.000€
Variant III : Fertilizer 6400l, Seed 21920l, Surcharge 30.000€
Working width and speed as original

Changelog Version

Version 1.0.1 Multifruit
Change in shop name

Authors: MaSta87 
Amazone Citan 15001C V1.0.1 Download -

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