Rostselmash Acros 595 Plus V1.0.0.1

Rostselmash Acros 595 Plus harvester mod for Fs22.

Power: 241 kW / 325 hp;
Speed: 30 km/h;
Volume of a fuel tank: 540 l.;
Cost: 214.000 €;
Volume of the bunker: 9000 l.;
Choice of wheel brand;
Animated pedals, control lever, display;
Added animations: animation of the rear axle, wiper and straw chopper;
Returned hitch for carts;
Updated working lighting;
Working mirrors;
Leaves traces;
Dirty and washable;
The effect of aging;
Includes PowerStream 700 header;
An extension for rapeseed has been returned to the header;
Also added some animations.

Converting mod from FS19 (Puszkap). The mod is a little closer to the original from FS17, but some new features have been added that were not in FS17!

Minor fixes;
Improved collision (now not one large rectangle for the entire harvester);
Improved (new) wear mask (only combine);

Authors: Average Enjoyer 
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