Deutz-Fahr Starliner 4045H Harvester Pack

Deutz-Fahr Starliner 4045H harvester pack mod for Fs22.

The Starliner 4045H is a part of the Liner-Series that was launched by Deutz-Fahr in the 1990s. With the small FarmLiner,
the medium-sized PowerLiner, the slightly larger StarLiner and the large TopLiner, the Liner-Series covers all performance classes.
The Starliner was manufactured from 1992 to 1999.

Deutz-Fahr Starliner 4045H:
Price: 50000€
Power: 160 PS
Speed: 20 kph
Grain tank capacity: 5200 litres
Multiple tire configurations
Configurable beacon lights
All moving parts animated
Completely animated interior

Deutz-Fahr Starliner Header:
Price: 15000€
Working width: 4.2 m
Configurable crop dividers

Deutz-Fahr Starliner Header Trailer:
Price: 1500€

Authors: Vector Man 
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