Claas Lexion 8000 Harvester V1.0

Claas Lexion 8000 harvester mod for Fs22.

Real revolutions start in the heart. The top model from Harsewinkel sets new standards.
Look forward to a combine harvester that has never been seen in this form.
A combine that we have rethought and developed from scratch – in closer
Cooperation with farmers, contractors and drivers, those of the LEXION
is just as important to us as it is to us.

Price: € 489,500
Power: 653-780 hp
Speed: 40 kph
Capacity: 18,000 liters

Lexion 8800/8900
EU / US specification
Twin tire option
animated Interior Parts
Service animation via mouse control
Door animation via mouse control

Authors: SBFarms 
Claas Lexion 8000 Harvester V1.0 Download -

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