Bizon Z056 Super Harvester V1.0

Bizon Z056 Super harvester mod for Fs22.

The Z-056 combine harvester, which was developed as a successor to the “Super” type Z-050 combine harvester, is designed for harvesting four basic grains, oilseed rape and some legumes from the stem.
The use of a windrow pick-up enables harvesting in a two-phase process.

The combine harvester can be equipped with suitable adapters
what the field of application of the combine harvester for harvesting other seed crops such as corn,
Sunflower, Grass and Clover expanded. The Z056/5 combine harvester can be factory-fitted with a straw chopper

Grain tank capacity: 2.5… 3 m³
Number of wheels 2 + 2 pc.
Tires: Front: 23.1/18×26(10PR) Rear: 10.0×15(8PR)
Engine: Type: Diesel SW-400 (Andrychiv)
Engine power: 73.5 kW (100 hp)

Length: 1400cm
Width: 320cm
Height: 400 cm width

420 cm
Weight: 7700 kg
Convert fs19

Version 1.0:
Added configurations
Added new lamps

Authors: KajroWskyy 
Bizon Z056 Super Harvester V1.0 Download -

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