Ural 44202 Avtokran V1.3

Ural 44202 Avtokran mod for Fs22.

(telescope), supports, cables, hook (hook), etc.;
Fully configured equipment wear and completely dirty chassis;
Clings to absolutely all traverses, where attacher = trailer. If the traverse does not cling, we hold RMB + LMB and turn the hook (hook) and everything will catch on. The price is 60000.

U.P. There is not a single error in the log, because I release this mod immediately in the release version, there will be no further improvements for this mod, only a hotfix at most (if necessary).
UP2. I found a way to fix the crooked text near the button for unfolding the supports, a little later, when I have time, I will correct it on all other cranes.

Fixes: fully operable crane. Attaching when push: L

Authors: Vyciokazz 
Ural 44202 Avtokran V1.3 Download - modsbase.com

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