2017er Lizard Pickup V1.0

2017er Lizard Pickup mod for Fs22.

I edited the little 2017 vanilla pickup in my Pimp My Ride garage.

I installed the following:

Choice of color to match the Belvedere horse trailer
Possibility to configure the Hirschfeld logos from Hirschfeld Logistic to Hirschfeld Hauling
Rotating beacon mounted on the roof (mountable by configuration)
Added front and rear work lights (in case it gets a little later and darker again)

In addition, this pickup has also received 3 models (configurations) to choose from:

1. “Pickup 1986 Standard” / The basic model with 300 hp
2. “Pickup 1986 Performance” / 600 hp engine power and 20 inch rims
3. “Pickup 1986 Poser” / 1100 hp engine power, tires: 265_65R17 on the front wheels and 445_65R19_5 on the rear wheels (probably not TÜV compliant)

Authors: HIP Patrick 
2017er Lizard Pickup V1.0 Download - modsbase.com

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