1953 Patina Princess V1.0

1953 Patina Princess mod for Fs22.

Personal edit release here. I hope you enjoy this mod, I know I have fun with it. This was a fun projected where I took a vehicle decoration made by My GameSteam. I simply took the model separated parts in Blender and made a drivable car. The vehicle has working taillights, blinkers, and headlight.
This beauty is no trailer queen, she’s a work horse! Throw some bails on top and strap them down!
All credit for the car body goes to My GameSteam

Category: cars
Price: 850
Fun: priceless
Updates/Conversion and notes:
Converted from FS19 to FS22, Window Glass added!

1953 Patina Princess V1.0 Download - modsbase.com

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